About us

It's often said that creative people are lonely, a bunch of eccentric geniuses. For others, creativity means seeing and expressing unique perspectives or, for the majority of us, being creative means being an artist. In reality, the saying of David Burkus is "creativity is a team sport". We, together, learned how to think creatively experimenting, exploring, making assumptions, fully taking advantage of the imagination and synthesising information.

Montecristo Art is a world of artwork in the funny dimension of the caricature. We create high quality caricatures and cartoons for each and every special occasion, entirely customized. We use your favorite picture and turn it into a work of art.


We know that great ideas are sometimes difficult to make. We - Montecristo Art artists - accept your challenge. Our goal is to draw your idea, no matter how complicated it may seem. We'll give it a funny look. Thus, you will surprise your family and friends with a great, creative, fully customized gift.

There are no limitations! Do you want to surf with your cat or do karate with office papers? Why not? We'll draw that for you. Challenge us!

And if you do not have the time, or simply do not feel like thinking creatively, don't worry, we have many ideas you can choose from.

Also, you can contact us so we can help you clarify your idea and give you some advice in order to get a caricature as close as possible to what you have in mind.

Phone/Wapp: 0748497872