Custom made caricatures

Choose one of the available sizes (the price is different for each), and tell us more in the "Describe us your idea" section (what you would like it to contain, theme, background, animals, cars, accessories, smiling girls, etc.), upload your favorite photo in the section below (you can upload max. 10 images) and finally add the product to the cart.
Livrare gratuita oriunde in Romania, indiferent de valoarea comenzii.
419,00 lei RON

Personalizing the caricature

The caricatures are manually drawn on a graphical tablet using a pastel effect. Our artists make the drawing just like the client requires, not even the smallest details are missed. The final result you get in a physical format is available in one of the dimensions specified above. The product is manually made; the canvas is carefully stretched on a fir wooden support.


Our team processes each and every image so the final result is the highest quality possible. The resolution of the canvas is strongly related with the sent photo. If the photo is low-quality, our imagine improvement techniques can't do anything. Think about this: you're watching a movie with a VHS resolution on your HD TV. The HD TV is prepared to give you the best experience possible, but the image quality on the VHS will never be able to have a HD quality.